Tictail Kiosk 2017-03-15 11290300000 copy.jpg

Tictail has two offices; in Stockholm and New York, where the first brick and mortar store was created. Because the Tictail store makes the online store such a success and it makes the brand more notable, it was important to highlight this and mimic the features of the store into the kiosk. 

The Kiosk uses the outside features of the store; windows, black exterior, and mural. Theres one main entrance of the kiosk on the corner of the space, this is similar to the physical store. Because the space is only 10’ x 10’ it was important for it to still be spacious, therefore there are windows on every wall except one. This one wall has a mural on the exterior. 

Tictail Kiosk Front copy.png
Tictail Kiosk Right View copy.png
Tictail Kiosk 2017-03-21 16504300000 copy.jpg