OFF - WHITE is a cult fashion brand of creative multi-tasker Virgil Abloh. This brand combines streetwear and high fashion, with concepts of branding and the expression of youth culture in the contemporary moment. New York City’s company “Family” is responsible for the design of their current retail spaces.

The back wall is inspired by the flagship store that is located in Singapore. It is here where it avoids generic retail concepts. The store and office combination is a very minimal, but impactful design. The main room is open and features 2 desks and 2 steel rails of clothing. Clothes from the latest collection are in this room. The room is mirrored with the exception of the back wall where the unconventional cash wrap is. The cash wrap is a ticket window. There is another room on one side of the retail space with even more clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Wall Fixture 3.23 2017-03-25 02093800000.jpg