Chick-fil-A is the college destination. The on-campus restaurant offers a convenient, cozy, and casual dining space. The overall design is a modern but laid back look that reflects the brand. This is the place for students to relax, recharge, refill, and go. This is the Chick-fil-A that will stand over time, with a clean spacious environment for studying, eating, or group meetings.

Utilizing natural materials, minimalist colour palette, and heavy lighting to change the current perception towards fast-food and to encourage students to stay longer. Items from the branding such as the signature red pop-color is carried through to the space on the seating and fixtures. The diversity of the furnishing throughout the room provides several forms of seating and is designed equally for eating and working.

There is up to date technology that is usable by all, and thoughtful lighting. A combination of grid ceiling lighting and functional spotlights that emphasizes certain areas. The food hall is a smaller space but has all of the amenities for a college campus.