I made a (VR) 360 view of my dream 90s bedroom for the first BORING! BOYS! CLUB! event THE PRELUDE. The theme THE PRELUDE, was all about beginnings. When I thought of this theme, I thought about beginning a new life in America. Before I moved to Colorado I had a huge love for 90s teen movies/TV shows. I thought that when I moved to the USA it would be like the movies; Pretty in Pink, 10 things I Hate About You, HSM etc.

I have a love for the aesthetic of 90s films. Not so much about feminism or the idea that girls should love pink and have a desire for men. It’s more about the bond of sisterhood/friendship and the idea that girls don’t need men. I think of the strong friendships I still have (that is why some are pictured in the room). I love how teenagers in the 90s hoard various objects of significance, whether it’s a poster of their favourite musician or small prize from the town fair or even a flag saying go liberty high!

I researched and watch many 90s movies for this project and interpreted the furniture and decorations to create my own fantasy bedroom.